Bigelow Trumbull Cook(08)

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Name: Bigelow Trumbull Cook(08)
Born: 11 June 1846 in Bushnellville Green County, NY
Died: 28 Feb 1889, buried in Muskegon MI.
Married: Ida A. Pierce on 24 Sep 1879 in Muskegon Mich.

Spouse Born: 24 Sep 1859 in Valparaiso, Ind.
Spouse Edu:
Spouse Died: (See Notes)

Notes: Ida remarried Nelson Delong of Muskegon Mich on 30 Jun 1896.
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Children 1

Name: Mabel Augusta Cook (McCandless)(09)
Born: 2 Mar 1886
Married: Robert H. McCandless in Chicago Il.

Notes: Mabel resembles her Aunt Augusta Cook Curtis in appearance. No further information available, number or children or dates of death etc...
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