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Name: John Darwin Shepard Cook (08)
Born: 21 Nov 1834 in Pine Hill, Ulster County, NY
  • Union College in 1859
  • JD in Law from Albany Law School
  • Union University in 1861.
Died: Jul 16, 1909, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, MO

Married: Rosalie Elvira Barlow on 7 Sep 1865, Scranton PA
Spouse born: 5 Jun 1839 in Salem PA.
Spouse Edu:
Spouse died: 14 Mar 1887, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, MO
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Military personnel-80th New York Infantry.
NY troops Infantry-Union.
Photographer: O'Sullivan, Timothy H.,1840-1882, taken Sep 1863. Photograph from the Main Eastern Theater of War, Meade in Virginia, Aug-Nov 1863. Civil War photographs,1861-1865/compiled by Hirst D. Milhollen & Donald H. Mugridge, Wash DC Library of Congress, 1977. No. 0227 (Forms part of Selected Civil War photographs, 1861-1865 (Library of Congress)
Wet plate negatives. United States--Virginia--Culpeper. MEDIUM: 1 negative : glass, wet collodion.
JDSC is sitting in the second chair from the left.

A Biographical Sketch for Old and New Lawrence by John Darwin Shepard Cook (08) dated 1 May 1899.
John D.S.Cook.
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  • 1834 Nov 21, Born at Pine Hill Ulster County NY.
  • 1850-52 Prepared for College Franklin Delaware County NY.
  • 1852-50 Taught District School various places, North Eastern PA.
  • 1855 Entered Union College Schenectady NY.
  • 1859 Graduated from Union College
  • 1859 Taught in Academy & Studied law Kingston Ulster County NY.
  • 1861 Graduated Albany Law School & admitted to practice law in NY
  • 1861 Commissioned 10 Oct & mustered 1ST Sieut Company G.,
  • ____ 80th NY.Inf (20 th NYSM)
  • 1863 Promoted 4 Mar to Captain same company & Regiment
  • 1861-64 Served with army of the Patrons. Was at eleven battles. Principals were:
    • Second Bull Run,
    • Chantilly,
    • Fredericksburgh,
    • Gettysburg,
    • Wilderness,
    • Spottsylvania,(VA)
    • Cold Harbor.
  • 1864 Resigned & Honorably Discharged 19 Dec
  • 1865 Married 5 Sep Rose E.Barlow & removed to Coldwill County MO.*
  • 1867-68 Assistant assessor U.S.Internal Revenue,6th district of Miesausic for Harrison Davies & Coldwell Counties MO.
  • 1869 Removed residence to Kansas City MO
  • 1874 Appointed by Chief Justice Waite Register in Bankrupt County Western Dist of MO and held office till law of 1867 expired.
  • 1885 Removed residence to Lawrence Kansas
  • 1885 Became member on The Old & New
  • 1886 Oct. Returned to Kansas City MO on account of failing health of wife.
  • 1899 May, Still residing in Kansas City MO.
  • Church relations - Member of Grace Church, Kansas City
  • Politics - Active Republican 1855-1880. Since then, Independent.
  • Societies and Clubs
    • College: Alpha Delta Phi, Philomathian Phi BETA Kappa
    • General - A.T & A.M. Military
    • Special - Old & New
    • Order of Loyal Legion, Kansas Commandery
    * Rosalie was the daughter of Joseph & Phoebe Phillips Barlow.
Notes: John was highly respected for his professional and ethical mannerisms during and after the war. Philip Cook (09) wrote a paper about his father's experience when he obtained a sword from Colonel Hodges who was a Confederate on the battlefield. See link "Story of the Swords" link. John wrote a paper titled "Personnel Reminiscences of Gettysburg"; including Pickett's Charge which is another link.
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dedicated to JDSC & Rosalie, pg 08a L7

Headstone of Rosalie Cook's mother also buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City,MO with his daughter and son in law.

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Children 4

Name: Josephine Phillips Cook (09)
Born: 14 Jul 1866 in Kingston, MO
Married: Joseph Barlow Lippincott on 5 Mar 1890 in Beverly NJ.
Link to Josephine Cook Lippencott (09), pg 09a
Name: Harriett Shepard Cook(09)
Born: 11 May 1869 in Kingston MO
Married: Samuel Wallace Moore on 30 Sep 1896 in Kansas City MO.
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Name: George Trumbull Cook(09)
Born: 14 Oct 1872 in Kansas City MO
Married: Ethlyn Hannah Bugbee on 16 Sep 1896 in Kansas City MO.
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Name: The Right Reverend Philip Cook(9)
Born: 4 Jul 1875 in Kansas City MO.
  • BA from Trinity College in 1898.
  • DD from Trinity College
  • DD from St John's College Annapolis MD.
  • STD at General Theological Seminary, New York City 1902.
Married: Anita Lavin in New York City in 1904. Died giving birth, child also died.
2nd Marriage: Adeline Hallett Bassett on 5 Oct 1911 in New York, NY.
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