Harriett Cook Moore (09)

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Name: Harriett Cook Moore (09)
Born: 11 May 1869 in Kingston MO.
Died: 14 Feb 1933 and is buried in Los Angles, CA.
Married: Samuel Wallace Moore on 30 Sep 1896 in Kansas City. They divorced in 1920. Afterwards, she lived in Kansas City and died while visiting her brother in Pebble Beach CA. (See her obituary for details)

Spouse Born: 24 Jan 1862 in Troy Geanga Co Ohio.
Spouse Edu:
Spouse died:
(From page 99-b-13 ABC Pdgre & 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre. See Front Page.)

Harriett and Samuel had no children. Samuel was an attorney, son of Dr. Mortimer GEO Moore and Eliza Cordelia Fairbanks Moore.

Harriett Shepard Cook Moore's obituary & Headstone (from Find A Grave)

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