Philip Cook Jr.(10)

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Name: Philip Cook Jr.(10)
Born: 16 Oct 1923 in Wilmington,DE (Bishopstead)
Edu: 1 yr Trinity College (Pre WW II)
3 yrs University of Penn (Post WW II)
Married: 11 Apr 1953 to Ruth Roubaud Gillespie in Pittsburgh, PA
Died: 15 Feb 1992 of Lung Cancer. Buried at St Anne's cemetery in Middletown, DE

Spouse born: 12 Apr 1923
Spouse Edu: No College
Spouse died: August 19, 2006 of a stroke, buried at St Anne's cemetery in Middletown, DE
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Phil graduated from Episcopal School, 1941, in Philadelphia after attending Lenox Prep School, from 1938-1941. He was the middle of three boys, 6th of 7 children. He enjoyed sailing and skiing through high school and his first year of college at Trinity. He joined Army's 10th Mountain Division in Colorado during WW II because he loved to ski. While there he developed a lung problem in the thin air and required surgery that prevent him from deploying. After the war, he went to Univ of Penn for 3 years but left before graduating to work for the Warner Company in Philadelphia as a salesman.

In July 1950 he met Ruth Roubaud Gillespie in Bay Head NJ, at the Bluff's hotel. They were married two years later. Patty insisted on being younger than he was when they married so their wedding date was set the day before her birthday. Patty's name was a nickname given her by her father because her mother's name was also Ruth. Her father thought it was too confusing having two Roth's in the house. Patty put Patricia on their marriage license, thus changing her name without going through the legal process.

Phil had a keen imagination and was constantly inventing things. His brother John mentioned this was something he did as a child. You never knew what he would come up with.

Patty & Phil lived in Wilmington DE until 1959 when they moved to West Chester Pa. Phil left the Warner Company in 1966 to begin his own investment company which lasted until 1974.

The family enjoyed sailing on the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. Phil had many childhood friends including his brother George and sister Addie who also sail there.

Phil used to use a nickname for things when they didn't work properly. The name was "Betsy". The irony was one of his daughter's-in-law was named Betsy and she was with him several times when he referred to his car or some other mechanical device as Betsy.

After Phil died in 1992, Patty remarried John deBordenave on 12 Aug 1997 and they lived in the same house in West Chester. Her name became Patricia Cook deBordenave.

Patty died suddenly at age 82. Everyone thought she would reach 100 because she took care of herself and her family's history had many examples of longevity. Jack died a few years later and was buried with his first wife in West Chester PA.

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Children: 3
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Name: Darwin Shepard Cook(11)
Born: 14 Feb 1953 in Wilmington DE.
Edu: BA in Gov History at Connecticut College 1976.
Married: 11 Jun 1985 to Victoria Marie Fitzgerald at the chapel at Connecticut College, New London CT.
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Name: Clifton Gillespie Cook(11)
Born: 13 Sep 1956 in Wilmington DE
Edu: 2 yr in Mechanical Engineering at Worchester Polytechnic Institute. Transferred to Southeastern Massachusetts University and received a BS in Mechanical Eng in 1982.
Married: 12 Jan 1985 to Betsy Joy Dillingham in Dighton MA.
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Name: Philip Geoffrey Cook (11)
Born: 20 Mar 1958 in Wilmington DE
Edu: BA in Communication from Bethany College, 1981.
Married: 12 Nov 1988 to Mary Joseph Hurst in Lock Heaven PA.
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