Clifton Gillespie Cook(11)

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Name: Clifton Gillespie Cook
Born: 13 Sep 1956 in Wilmington DE
Edu: 2 yr in Mechanical Engineering from Worchester Polytechnic Institute
BS in Mechanical Engineering from Southestern Massachusetts University 1982.
Married: 12 Jan 1985 to Betsy Joy Dillingham in Dighton MA.
Spouse born: 16 Jul 1959 in Vineland NJ
Spouse Edu: Art History from Southeastern Massachusetts University 1983.
Spouse died:
From 99-b-28 ABC Pdgre
Notes: A traditionalist at heart. Clif grew up always wanting to be a mechanical engineer. After graduating, he worked at a navy engineering agency, NAVSSES, before moving to Bath Maine working with Supervisor of Shipbuilding overseeing the contracts at Bath Iron Works in the construction of navy ships. Primary duties were taking the ships on sea trials to test all aspects and returning with a list of remaining work to be completed before acceptance and delivery. He retired in 2014 after 32 years of government service.

Clif has a similiar imagination as his father, persistent to the end believing that there is always a solution if you keep looking for it. Clif is the creator of this genealogy site using the Pedegree from Adeline Bassett Cook Strange and continuing it to later generations. He believes in preserving the family heritage and sharing it with others.
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Children: 2
Name: Hannah Porter Cook(12)
Born: 14 Aug 1989 in Brunswick ME.
Edu: Did not attend college.
Married:15 Aug 2015 to James Michael Cataloni in Bath ME

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Name: Benjamin James Cook(12)
Born: 1 Nov 1991 in Brunswick ME

Children's info provided by Clifton Cook in 2015.

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