Darwin Shepard Cook(11)

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Name: Darwin Shepard Cook(11)
Born: 14 Feb 1953 in Wilmington DE.
Edu: BA Gov History at Connecticut College 1977
Married: 11 Jun 1985 to Victoria Marie Fitzgerald at the chapel at Connecticut College.
Spouse Born: 9 Sep 1957 in Wenatchee, Washington
Spouse Edu: BA in Political Science from Connecticut College in 1978.
Spouse Died:

Photo of Shep and Viki in 1988.
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Children: none

Shep and Viki met in college and after graduating worked in the New London area for several years. They moved to Sterling VA both working for the State Department and retired in 2015. Shep worked for CIA as an NBC Imagery Analyst. Viki was a career senior counterintelligence officer in CIAs Directorate of Operations.

Shep is an avid reader and involved in researching his namesake, John Darwin Shepard Cook(08), who was a captain in the Civil War. He has his sword and scabbard JDSC received when commissioned that John Samuel Cook(11) gave to him. Shep has participated in many Civil War reenactments when living in the Virginia and Maryland area and participated in several movies such as Gettysburg, made in 1996.
In 2015 they moved to Bethany DE.
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