Lauren Alletta Erkenbrecher(12)

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Name: Lauren Alletta Erkenbrecher(12)
Born: 16 Nov 1977 in Wilmington DE
Married: 8 Mar 06 to Kevin Carl Erkenbrecher in Maui Hawaii
Spouse Born: Nov 5,1972 in S.Carolina
Spouse Edu: Goldey-Beacum College class of 1996, Accounting degree
Spouse Died:

Notes:Lauren's maiden name was Lauren duPont Strange. She changes it to Lauren Alletta Strange before getting married and her married name is Laren Alletta Erkenbrecher. Alletta was the name from her grandmother's sister on her mother's side, Alletta Laird Downes.

Children 3
Name: Benjamin Laird Erkenbrecher (13) (River)
Born: 21 Jan 2005 in Newark DE

Name: William Blake Erkenbrecher (13)
Born: 23 Nov 2007 in Newark DE

Name: Laird Lammot Erkenbrecher (13)
Born: 17 July 2013 in Wilmington DE

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