Jennifer East Strange (12)

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Name: Jennifer East Strange(12)
Born: 26 Mar 1968 in Denver CO
Edu: Heritage High School, Littleton CO graduated in 1986
Fort Lewis College CO, 1986-88.
Completed Pilot Entry program at Alms Community College, by Eastern Airlines, 1988-89
Returned to Fort Lewis to complete BS in Business Administration, 1989-1991.
Married: Patrick Blaine Potter on 13 Jul 2013 in Larimer County, CO. Reference date on marriage certificate is 12 Nov 2913 due to confusion with pastor.
Spouse Born: 17 Mar 1959 in Price UT
Spouse Edu: Did not attend college
Spouse Died: 29 June 2016 in Wellington CO
Patrick worked as a fabrication specialist.

Notes: Jennifer's mother was Deborah Ann Callender, DOB: 27 June 1946 in Townsend MD. Her married name was Deborah Ann Strange. She and Philip Strange were only married 6 months around 1970. Jennifer was raised by her mother and years later reconnected wither her father and his family. Deborah remarried Carl Lawrell Jensen, born 14 Nov 1938 Died 17 Oct 2017. She kept "Strange" as her last name. Carl had two daughters from a previous marriage, Heidi and Lynn.

Jennifer worked in 1991 in business related jobs with contracts as contract officer/ negotiation work in Industry (Defense Contractors e.g. Lockheed Martin) and Government - National Science Foundation / UCAR, DOD and CSU. She was a Senior Research Administer Contracting Officer at Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO, from Aug 2008 to 2019.
She started her own company, Chaos Butterflies, LLC in 2019.

Enjoys White Water rafting, horseback riding and loves to be outdoors year round including taking walks and camping.
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Children: None

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