Samuel Wayne Wechsler (12)

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Name: Samuel Wayne Wechsler(12)
Born: 22 Mar 1984 in Boston MA
Edu:Bucknell. Class of 2006 in Economics
Married: 17 August 2013 to Kim Davis Wechsler
Spouse Born: March 4, 1985 in Neptune NJ
Spouse Edu: Lehigh Univ 2007
New York Univ Stern School of Business in 2013 (Masters Degree)
Spouse Died:

Notes: As of 2018, Sam and Kim live in New York, Manhattan upper east side.

Children 2

Name: Lee Davis Wechsler(13)
Birth: January 31, 2015

Name: Ryan Richard Wechsler(13)
Birth: November 29, 2018

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