General Information
and List of References

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    The following information was sought for each member of the family:

    Name:________(Generation #):
    Born:_______(Date) in____.(Location)
    Died: ____(Date) from ____ and is buried in ____(Location)
    Education:____(Degree) from_____(School) in ___ (Year Graduated)
    Married:___(Name) on___(Date) in ___(Place)
    Born: _____(Date) in ___ (Location)
    Died: ____(Date) from ____ and buried in ____(Location)
    Education:_____(Degree) from __ in ___(Year Graduated).
    Notes: Children: __#___
    Name: ________
    Born: ____(Date) in ____(Location).
    Died: ____(Date) from ____ and buried in ____(Location)
    Education: _____(Degree) from _____(School) in ___ (Year Graduated).
    Married: _____ (Name) on ___ (Date) in ___ (Location).
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    Reference documents from Adeline's Genealogy paper dtd 1973:

    Given to H.L.C. by Howard Dakin French at New England Genealogical Society, 9 Ashburton Place, Boston Mass. in 1926.
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  • "Original Proprietors of Hartford" p. 265, Memorial History of Hartford County, 1886.
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  • "Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700"
  • "Genalogical Dictionary of New England," Savage, 4 Vol (A collection of 30,000 names of Emigrants in Penn, 1727-1726.
  • "Cook," a genealogy principally in Mass. & Conn. `1665-1882, by James Cook, Lowell, Mass. Vox Populi Press, 1882.
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  • Secured notes at Library of New England Genealogical Society, Boston, from:
    • "Landed Gentry" by Burke PG SHE - 52 - F 1883.
    • "Shepard Family" G. SHE - 58- 66
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  • Ancestral Charts by Howard Cook Raymond dtd 28 June 1937.

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