The Cook Family Genealogy

Welcome to the Cook family's WEB Site. The following list is all the family members on the site, sorted by generation and then alphebetic order within each generation. Each name is a link to the person's page. A "p" following a name indicates the information is on their parents page. A new page is created whenever a child marries with a link included on their parent's page. Links are also provided to previous generations as well as links to siblings. Additional links are provided when more details about a person's history and accompolishments.

An associated WEB site, called "Find A Grave", connects cemetery's and graves all over the world together. I've included the internet addresses for the graves associated with our family members at the bottom of their pages on this site. You can copy these addresses into your internet browser address line of your computer to view information about a person in Find A Grave. Find A Grave also links generations together with spouses and children who have died.

pg 00

1st to 9th Generations
Aaron Cooke (01) Pg 01a

Aaron Cooke (02) pg 02a

Aaron Cooke (03) pg 03a

A Moses Cooke(04)p pg 03a
Aaron Cooke (04)p pg 03a
Aaron Cooke (04) pg 04a

Aaron Cooke (05)p pg 04a  
Anne Cooke (05)p pg 04a  
Elizabeth Cooke (05)p pg 04a  
Hannah Cooke (05)p pg 04a  
Joseph Cooke (05)p pg 04a  
Millicent Cooke (05)p pg 04a
William Cooke (05) pg 05a

Guerdon Wadsworth Cook(06)p pg 05a  
Hannah Cooke (06)p pg 05a  
Jacob Cook (06) pg 06a
Moses Cook (06)p pg 05a
Olive Cook (06)p pg 05a
William Cook (06)p pg 05a

Abijah Catlin Cook(07)p pg 06a
Benjamin Trumbull Cook(07)p pg 06a
Henry Erwin Cook (07)p pg 06a
Jacob Hindsdale Cook(07)p pg 06a
Jacob Hindsdale Cook II(07)p pg 06a
James Bushrod Cook MD(07)p pg 06a
John Ames Cook (07) pg 07a
Samuel Wadsworth Cook(07)p pg 06a
William Rawlinson Cook(07)p pg 06a

Helen Cook Atkinson(08) pg 08d
Alvin Glideon Cook (08) pg 08f
Bigelow Trumbull Cook (08) pg 08e
George Theodore Cook (08) pg 08b
Frances Emma Cook (08)p pg 07a
John Darwin Shepard Cook (08) pg 08a
Augusta Cook Curtis (08) pg 08c

Susan Cook Adams (09) pg 09f
Harry Joseph Atkinson (09) pg 09n
Lawrence May Atkinson (09)p pg 08d
Royal Cook Atkinson (09)p pg 08d
Grace Cook Baker (09) pg 09g
Margaret Curtis Birk (09) pg 09m
Alvin Cook (09)p pg 08f
George Trumbull Cook (09) pg 09c
John Ames Cook (09) pg 09e
Right Reverend Philip Cook (09) pg 09d
Rose Cook (09)p pg 08b
Augusta Darwin Curtis (09) pg 09i
Eugene Banning Curtis (09)p pg 08c
George Bordman Curtis (09)p pg 08c
John Henry Curtis (09) pg 09h
Helen Augusta Cook (Duer) (09)p pg 08f
Harriett Curtis Leekley (09) pg 09k
Josephine Cook Lippincott (09) pg 09a
Mabel Augusta Cook (McCandless)(09)p pg 08e
Harriett Cook Moore (09) pg 09b
Julia Curtis Morgan (09) pg 09l
Helen Curtis Peck (09) pg 09j
10th &11th Generations 
George Cook Baker(10)p pg 09g
Robert Carter Booth(10)p pg 09j
Frances Atkinson Burgevin(10)p pg 09n
George Trumbull Cook II (10) pg 10c
Harriett Cook (10)p pg 09d
John Samuel Cook (10) pg 10e
Owen Shepard Cook (10)p pg 09e
Philip Cook Jr. (10) pg 10d
Phyllis Cook (10)p pg 09d
Darwin Curtis(10)p pg 09i
John Sanford Curtis(10)p pg 09h
Kenneth Hotchkin Curtis(10)p pg 09i
Josephine Cook Hadlock (10) pg 10a
Helen Atkinson Von Hake(10)p pg 09n
Catherine Charlotte Leekley(10)p pg 09k
Harlow Addison Leekley(10)p pg 09k
Harriett Curtis Leekley(10)p pg 09k
John Darwin Leekley(10)p pg 09k
Joseph Redding Lippincott (10)p pg 09a
Rose Harriett Lippincott Davis (10)p pg 09a
Augusta Curtis Morgan(10)p pg 09l
George Julian Morgan(10)p pg 09l
Helen Palmer(10)p pg 08d
Dorothy Curtis Parks (10)p pg 9h
Elsie Duer Paschall(10)p pg 08f
Eugene Curtis Peck(10)p pg 09j
Helen Louise Shepard Peck(10)p pg 09j
Margret Augusta Peck(10)p pg 09j
Marcella Cook Pope(10) pg 10f
Margret Birk Rye(10)p pg 09m
Adeline Bassett Cook Strange (10) pg 10b
Rosalie Atkinson Teagle(10)p pg 09n
Alice Morgan Yates(10)p pg 09l

Marjorie Pope Abel(11)p pg 10f
Clifton Gillespie Cook (11) pg 11m
Darwin Shepard Cook (11) pg 11L
George Trumbull Cook III (11) pg 11k
Philip Geoffrey Cook (11) pg 11n
Darwin Curtis (11)p pg 09i
Daniel Canfield Hadlock (11) pg 11a
Josephine Hadlock King (11) pg 11c
Catherine Leekley (11)p pg 09k
Mary Ruth Leekley (11)p pg 09k
Robert Harlow Leekley III (11)p pg 09k
Dolly Parks (11)p pg 09h
Ruth Parks (11)p pg 09h
Vivian Parks (11)p pg 09h
Constance Louis Peck (11)p pg 09j
Helen Wheeler Peck (11)p pg 09j
Jean B Robert Nelson Peck II (11)p pg 09j
Peter B. Peck (11)p pg 09j
Richard Kenyon Pope (11)p pg 10f
Harriett Hadlock Rice (11) pg 11b
Nancy Hadlock Rusk (11) pg 11d
Margret Carolyn Rye(11)p pg 09m
Edwin Bruton Strange IV (11) pg 11e
John Bassett Strange (11) pg 11i  
Peter Shepard Strange (11) pg 11h
Phillip Cook Strange (11) pg 11f
Theodore Booth Strange JR. (11) pg 11g
Robert Harlow Treat (11)p pg 09k
Phyllis Cook Wechsler (11) pg 11j
Robert William Yates Jr(11)p pg 09l
12th & 13th Generations
Hannah Porter Cataloni (12) pg 12r
Alexender Philip Cook (12)p pg 11k
Benjamin James Cook (12)p pg 11m
Ian Philip Cook (12)p pg 11n
Jason Robert Cook (12)p pg 11k
Madeline Roubaud Cook (12)p pg 11n
Carrington Wadsworth Cunnington (12) pg 12f
Lauren Alletta Erkenbrecher (12) pg 12m
Naomi Pope Gary(12)p pg 10f
Amy Joanna Hadlock (12) pg 12b
Joel Andrew Hadlock (12) pg 12c
Karren Elizabeth Hadlock (12)p pg 11a
Timothy Daniel Hadlock (12) pg 12a
George Bassett Hughes(12) pg 12o
Cabell Hopkins King (12) pg 12e
Wyatt Canfield King (12)p pg 11c
Christine Strange Potter(12) pg 12L
Gaylord Hadlock Rice(12) pg 12d
Abigail Clare Hughes-Strange (12) pg 12p
Alexander Ramsay Strange, (Lily) (12), pg 12k
David Craven Strange (12) pg 12n
Edwin Bruton Strange V (12) pg 12g
Elizabeth Chandler Strange (12) pg 12h
Jennifer East Strange (12) pg 12i
Peter Shepard Strange Jr. (12)p pg 11h
Phyllis Cook Strange (12) pg 12j
Theodore Booth Strange III (12)p pg 11g
Paul Mathew Wechsler (12)p pg 11j
Samuel Wayne Wechsler (12) pg 12q
Thomas Lawrence Wechsler (12)p pg 11j

John Michael Cataloni(13)p pg 12r
Abigail Kimberly Cunnington(13)p pg 12f
Amelia Faith Cunnington(13)p pg 12f
Gabriel Michael Cunnington(13)p pg 12f
Benjamin Laird Erkenbrecher(13)p pg 12m
Laird Lammot Erkenbrecher (13)p pg 12m
William Blake Erkenbrecher (13)p pg 12m
Liam Gary(13)p pg 10f
Lila Adeline Herpel(13)p pg 12o
Maisie Clare Herpel(13)p pg 12o
Eleanor Jeane Hughes (13)p pg 12p
Theodore Mergler Hughes (13)p pg 12p
Ella Lee Wynter Goddard(13)p pg 12h
Henry Fisher Goddard(p) (13)p pg 12h
Adeline Veronica King (13)p pg 12e
Tiernan Peter King (13)p pg 12e
Miles Strange Potter (13)p pg 12l
Simon Strange Potter (13)p pg 12l
Edwin Bruton Strange VI (13)p ph 12g
Harper Dragon Strange (13)p pg 12k
Margaret Cook Strange (13)p pg 12g
Maxwell George Ramsay Strange (13)p pg 12g
Lee Wechsler(13)p pg 12q
Ryan Richard Wechsler (13)p pg 12q
Astrid Young (13)p pg 12d
Phineas Rhys Teophane Young (13)p pg 12d

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