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William Cooke (05)

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Name: William Cooke (05)
Born: 15 Apr 1730 in Hartford Ct
Baptized: 26 Apr 1730 at Hartford CT
Died: 5 Aug 1824 in Harwinton Ct.
Married: Hannah Hinsdale on 7 May 1759 in Harwinton CT.
Hannah was the daughter of Jacob & Hannah (Seymour) Hinsdale of Harwinton CT. Jacob B:4 Jul 1698, D: 25Dec 1765, Hannah B:17 Dec 1710, D: 25 May 1780.

Spouse born:27 Feb 1736
Spouse Edu:
Spouse died: 28 Mar 1815
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Children: 6
Name: Hannah Cooke (06)
Born: 19 Jun 1760
Died: 1842-43. Franklyn, NY
Married: Did not marry

Notes: Hannah inherited the 6 spoons from her grandmother, Hannah Wadsworth Cooke. Hannah Cooke (05) passed these 6 spoons to Fannie Cook (Hurd), who was a niece, and Ann Austin, who was a friend. (It is not known which of Hannah's brothers or sisters were Fannie's parents.)

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Name: William Cook(06)
Born: 2 Jan 1762
Married: Theodocia Gilbert, & Chloe Bradley

Name: Moses Cook(06)
Born: 24 Dec 1764
Married: Hannah

Name: Jacob Cook(06)
Born: 3 April 1767 in Harwinton CT
Married:Hannah Ames on 11 Dec 1804
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Name: Guerdon Wadsworth Cook(06)
Born: 11 Aug 1772
Died: 3 Apr 1821

Name: Olive Cook(06)
Born: 28 Mar 1775
Died: age 2 months

Note: Joseph Cook(e)(05) began the custom of writing the name without the final "e". This Joseph married Lynda Bensen (1785-1863)
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