Abigail Hughes Strange (12)

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Name: Abigail Hughes Strange(12)
Born: 31 Mar 1986 in Wilmington DE
Edu: BA from Washington University, Saint Louis,in History,Class of 2008
.....BSN degree in Nursing from Univ of Delaware, Class of 2010
.....MS degree in Nursing Anesthesia from Webster Univ St. Louis, Class of 2015

Married: 3 Aug 2013 to Thomas Michael Herpel in Wilmington DE
Spouse Name: Thomas Michael Herpel
Spouse born: 1 Dec 1985 in Danbury CT
Spouse edu: BA in Education and Classics from Washington UNIV in St Louis in 2008
............MA in Education Technology from Univ of Missouri in 2012
Spouse died:

Details received from discussions with Abigail & John Strange.

Notes: As of 2020, Abby and Tom live in St Louis. Tom is a latin teacher at Parkway West High School and Abby is a nurse anesthetist at the Washington University School of Medicine.


Name: Lila Adeline Herpel(13)
Born: 8 Jul 2016 in St Louis MO

Name: Maisie Clare Herpel(13)
Born: 25 May 2019 in St Louis MO

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