Major Aaron Cooke(01) 

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Name: Major Arron Cooke(01)*

Born: March 20, 1610 in Dorset England
Died: 5 September 1690 in Northhampton MA.
Embarked: Dorchester MA 1630 age 20 
Married: 4 times 
    1st Spouse Name: Mary Ford in 1637 **
    Spouse Born:
    Spouse Died:
    Married: 1647

    Parents were Thomas FORD and her mother was Joan WAY (WAYNE).  

    Number of children:4 (No details available for three of the children.
    The second child was Captain Aaron Cooke(02))

    2nd Spouse Name: Joan Denslow
    Spouse Born:
    Died: April 1676

    Joan was the daughter of Nicholas and Elezabeth Denslow.

    Number of children:3 (No details available for these children.)

    3rd Spouse Name: Elizabeth Nash
    Spouse Born:
    Baptized: 3 Jan 1647
    Spouse Died: 3 Sep 1687 in Northampton MA
    Married: 2 Dec 1676

    Elizabeth was the daughter of Major John and Elizabeth(Taff) Nash of New Haven CT.
    Number of Children: None

  • 4th Spouse Name:(Widow)Rebecca (Foote) Smith. 

  • Spouse Born: 1634 (about)
    Spouse Died: 6 Apr 1701 in Hadley MA. 
    Married: 2 Oct 1688

    -Rebecca was the daughter of Nathanial & Elizabeth(Deming) Foote of Waterfield, CT. & widow of Liet Philip Smith of Hadley MA.

    Number of children: None.

(From ABCStrange Pedigree, pg 99-b-02 ABC Pdgre & 99-b-09 ABC Pdgre, see Front page)

Aaron Cooke(01) Notes:
  • Aaron's father was Aaron Cooke(0); born in 1585 in Bridport Dorsetshire, England and died on Dec 12 1615 in Bridgeport Dorset England. He married Elizabeth Charde in Thorncombe on Sep 2, 1610.*** 
  • Aaron Cooke(0) was a carpenter. After he died, Elizabeth remarried Thomas Ford, born in England, date of birth unknown. They resided in Windsor CT and he died in Northampton MA Nov 9,1676. Aaron Cooke(1) married Thomas's daughter, Elizabeth's stepdaughter, Mary Ford.
  • Aaron (01) possessed a Grant of land in Windsor, (near Hartford) CT, 5 July 1636.
  • Member of Windsor Troop of Horse, 1658.
  • Major of Hartford Troops, 1658. 
  • Lived several years in Westfield Mass, which was then called Woronoco MA. 
  • Was a proprietor of Westfield in 1667.
  • Was Captain in King Philip's War. 
  • Moved to Northampton MA 1660-1661. 
  • Deputy in General Court, 1668. 
  • The Windsor Church was organized in Plymouth, England 1630. Rev John Warham and Rev John Harswick, Pastor and Teacher. They sailed 30 May 1630 and landed in Nantasket Point, Dorchester. The Dorchester record in New England, General and Historic Register, Vol 2; page 274, shows land granted to Aaron Cooke. 
  • Lieut Aaron Cook(01) was the Commander in Chief of a militia force in Conn in 1653.
  • In Massachusetts, he was made Major in 1687, the highest regimental officer in the Colony at the time. After the fall of Andrus, he was Captain again. He was a firm friend of the regicides Goffe and Whalley. 
  • Aaron Cooke(01) was Captain in the Pequot War with the Indians. He was Commander in Chief of the First Military Organization of the town of Windsor. In suspension of charter, Gov Andrus made Aaron Cooke(01) Major, the only field officer in Massachusetts's army at the time.  (See ABCStrange Pedigree, pg 99-b-01 ABC Pdgre)


    Aaron Cook(01) had four children with Mary, Aaron Cooke(02) was the second child. Two of the other three were named Nathaniel and Joanna. He had three children by his second wife, Jane Denslow. No details are available about them.

    Name Captain Aaron Cooke(02)
    Born: 1640. 
    Married: Sarah Westword.
    (Sarah was the Daughter of William Westwood.)
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