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Name: Aaron Cook(02)(Attorney)
Baptized: 21 Feb 1640 in Windsor CT.
Died: 16 Sep 1716

Married: Sarah Westwood on 20 May 1661 in Hadley MA.
Spouse Born: 1644 in Windsor CT.
Spouse Died: 24 Mar 1730
Sarah was the daughter of William and Bridget Westwood

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  • Aaron Cooke(02) and Sarah were the first couple married in Hadley MA.
  • The inheritance at Windsor was given to him when they married.
  • Aaron Cooke(02) was an Attorney and representative in 1689, 1691, 1693, 1697 and Selectman in Hadley 1671, 1676,1678, 1680, 1682, 1684, 1686, 1690 and 1692. The inscription on his gravestone states "A Justice near 30 years, Captain 35" He was Captain of Garrison in first Indian War. Justice of the peace from 1687 - 1716.
  • He had no house lot in Hadley, but lived with his father-in-law Westwood and was executor of Westwood's estate.

*Westwood Family:
  • Name: William Westwood
  • Born: 1606
  • Married: 1669 to M. Bridget.
  • Spouse Name: M. Bridgett
  • Spouse Born: 1602
  • Spouse Died: 12 May 1676.
  • Number of Children: 1
  • Sarah Westwood was their daughter.
William Westwood sailed from England in the ship "Fransis" in the last of April 1634, being then 28 and his wife 32. He was a freeman in Mass 4 Mar 1635 (before Hooker) removed to Hartford 1636 and later Hadley. In 30 May 1707 Westwood appointed Aaron Cooke(2) attorney to receive property in England of William Westwood, Husbandman and Yoeman of the county of Essex.
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Children: 8 (no details provided other than the second child Aaron.)

Name: Aaron Cooke(03)
Born: 1664 in Hadley MA
Married: Martha Allyn
Spouse born: 27 Jul 1667
Spouse died: 15 Sep 1732
Died: 3 Jan 168?

Martha Allyn, daughter of Hon. John & Hannah (Smith) Allyn
Note: Aaron & Martha are buried in Centre Cemetary, Hartford CT.

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