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Name: Aaron Cooke(03)
Born: 1664 in Hadley MA
Died: 15 Apr 1725 in Hartford CT

Married: Martha Allyn on 3 Jan 168_
Spouse born: 27 Jul 1667
Spouse edu:
Spouse died: 16 Sep 1732
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Aaron and Martha lived on Front Street, Hartford CT and are both buried in the Centre burying ground, Hartford Ct. Aaron Cook(03) inherited land in Hartford from his grandfather, Major Aaron Cooke(01). (From 99-b-05 ABC Pdgre, See Front Page)

Martha was the daughter of Lt Col Hon John & Ann Smith. Hon was born in England and died in Springfield MA, 19 Nov 1697. Hon's parents were Mathew Allyn (emigrant) and Margaret Wyatt. Hon was called the "famous seer of Hartford" by Savage and was in office until 1659 when he was chosen as town clerk, Magistrate, Secretary of the Colony, until his death. Mathew Allyn was born in England on 9 March 1605 and died in Windsor CT on 1 Feb 1671. Margret died in Windsor CT 15 Feb 1676. They were married 2 Feb 1627 in England. Mathew's father was Samuel Allyn from Clemsford Essex England. Mathew resided Cambridge until 1632, moved to Hartford CT in 1637 and then Windsor CT before 1648. He was commissioned for Unity Colony 1660 and 1664.
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Ann Smith's parents were Henry Smith (emigrant) and Ann Pyncheon. Henry came in Winthrop's fleet 1630 to Dorchester in March 1636 with Ludlow Pycheon and others he commissioned as govern of the new colony in CT. He was removed with William Pycheon to Springfield MA. Smith was a son by a former marriage of that widow Sanford who married Pycheon and he married his mother's step-daughter Ann.
(From 99-f-06 chrts, See Front Page, See Front Page)

Ann Pyncheon was born in England before 1630. Ann's parents were Gov William Pycheon born in England around 1590 and died in Oct 1662. His wife was Anne Andrew who died in Salem or Charleston in June 1630. Gov Pyncheon came to Gov Winthrop 1630 and brought his children Ann and others, as well as his wife who died shortly afterwards. He was leader of the band which settled in Valley of Afawam, now Springfield, treasurer until 1636, afterwards counseling until 1651 when a book he had written was pronounced sedious and burned by law. He returned to England. (Old North West General Quarterly Jan 1900 p15.)

Children: 8 (from pg 99-b-05 ABC Pdgre, See Front Page)

Name: Aaron Cooke(04)
Born: 16 May 1686 in Hartford CT.
Died: 8 Apr 1689 (According to the record of the First Baptist Church in Hartford.)

Name: A Moses Cooke(04)
Born: 1683 in Hartford Ct.
Died: 25 July 1738 in Hartford CT

Name: Aaron Cooke(04)
Born: 23 Sep 1689 in Hartford Ct
Married: Hannah Wadsworth 29 Sep 1715
Note: Aaron Cooke(04) was the same name as his brother who lived less than 3 years.
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No details for the other 5 children.

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