John Ames & Harriett Shepard Cook Obituaries (07)

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John Ames Cook's Obituary

At Ledgedale on the 12th, died of congestive typhoid fever, John Ames Cook Esq age 68 years. Seldom are we called upon to record the death of one so universally loved and respected. Truly a good man has fallen. As a conscientious Christian, his was a noble example of worth and usefulness. For many years God was his refuge and strength and as the hour of death drew near, his faith grew stronger, his anticipation of heaven grew brighter and he passed from earthly scenes to heaven filled with the glorious hope of blissful immortality.

Many hearts will mourn the loss, for in his public as well as private duties he was ever the faithful counselor and friend. The stroke falls heavily upon the bereaved family. A kind husband, a fond father is taken from them and the once happy home upset for a long time to be lonely. Yet in their sorrow, they may rejoice in the prospect of a man of that kind where parting is unknown. If earthly homes are so fair and precious, thus beautified by parental love and care, how may Hope stretch her eager wings toward the "city of our God", that long sought home, where too long revered shall be reunited and the Father shall unite one with all the fullness of eternity. Then when we meet with holy joy. No thought of parting come, but never ending ages still shall find us all at home.

Harriett Shepard Cook's Obituary

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Cook - At the residence of her son Dr. G R Curtis Hawley, Feb 8, 1879 Mrs. Harriett Shepard Cook (died). Mrs. Cook was born in Newtown, Fairfield County, Conn. Oct 20, 1809, where her father, Dr. Shepard, was a highly successful interned physician. Of his numerous family of 10 daughters and nine sons, she was the youngest. Of this household, but two now remain, Mrs. Vancill, ten years older than Mrs. Cook, and a brother, Martin Shepard of New Orleans, LA.

At the age of 23, Harriett Shepard was united in Holy wedlock with John Ames Cook. Seven children were given them, three daughters and four sons, all these bare the infant daughter, were led up to a maturity of usefulness and happiness by their faithful effecient mother with her true judgment, cultured mind, potent will and warm heart. Dating her own convention to God, prior to her marriage, she, together with her husband, made profession of their love to their redeemer by uniting with the Presbyterian Church of Mexico, New York in 1813. in 1850 they removed to Ledgedale, Wayne County Pa. Here the husband and father, a good man and just died in 1864. Afterward the widow sought to make another home for herself and her youngest son at Kingston, MO initiating and sharing his businesses in a drug store for 8 years, when he to died. In 1873 Mrs Cook returned to Hawley and continued in the home of her daughter, Mrs Dr. Curtis until the doors of her Fathers eternal home opened to her. Two years last November sever sickness came to her from which she never fully recovered. All that final love and care could do to assuage and cheer was done but her sufferings were at the time most severe. On the afternoon of Monday, Feb 10th 1879, numerous friends came to sympathies with her children and to bear her to her resting place out on the hill side in butifol "GlenDyberry, "Honesdale, where husband and babe already slept. Rev H. VanHouten led us in prayer, Rev Mr. Williams, of the M.E. Church read the scripture, her pastor Rev Author Folsom spoke from Job 14,14, "All the days of my appointed time will I wait until my change come." In concluding he said, "Unto one known to you all aged and venerated has this change come... With long life had she been satisfied and God had shown her his salvation her hoary(gray) hairs had found her in the ways of righteousness, her attitude through these later years was that of waiting, waiting for the Lord; waiting for the blessed change that has glorified her forever. Her manner of life is known to you all. She will be missed from our village; be missed from her home; no word of eulogy may fall from us today, those lips now silent forever have forbidden it, but we may magnify the grace of the master as it wrought mightily in her. We will "let her own works praise her in the gates" and they are many works of beneficence of quiet kindliness, works of love, there are those here present who may speak more readily than I of these who were privileged to know her own home, before diseased had touched her. Let St Paul give today an epitome of her life. "Well reported of for good works, if she have bought up children; if she have lodged strangers; if she have washed the saint's feet, if she have relieved the afflicted, if she have diligently followed every good work." 1 Tim 5,10 "Her children rise up and call her blessed."

If love for the church of God; If longing and effort for its success be proof of love of Christ, its corner stone; Christ its head then had our mother great love for the Lord. Her whole heart went out in the hope for our little church, that there God would manifest his glory and gather to Himself his ransomed ones. Often when I had entered to minister, I was ministered unto and came forth strengthened and taught. Stroke after stroke had fallen. There had Death come to her heartside. The little one; the husband of her love; the son in freshness of his manhood, on whom she had hoped to lean as the shadows gathered, were gone and the way grew heavy. The Lord was leading her about, but he led her safely; and from the wilderness she came up leaning on the Beloved. Then came physical pain and the woful weariness of protracted invalidism. But Christ was there, refining her as silver and trying her as gold and tired. Not without discipline, not without trial was our mother fitted for the kingdom. Not one unnecessary pang, pot one unrequired disappointment; not one superfluous sorrow. The Father saw that each was needed. At midnight the Bridegroom came. Very tenderly did he deal with her. He gathered her in his embrace so sweetly that she knew not that death had touched her, and calmly as an infant she slept her life away. Before she had time to be affrighted, her eyes saw the King in his beauty, and the glad reunions of heaven had for her begun. Jesus who said "Come unto me" hath given the weary one rest-rest forever.

And to you stricken ones, what shall I say to you from this open grave? It has an eloquence all its own. Its message, its meaning is in our hearts today. Another treasurer laid up; another of our love safely garnered; mother in heaven. Oh; how rich heaven grows to you. If there be a sense of want and loneliness as you journey on, Jesus will lift it from you; will make your feet run swiftly in the upward way if only you transit and wait.

Your change will but heaven will not be a glimpse to you afar off and strange. How can it be when so in any of your own are there? Christ's while with you, yours though with Christ. The morning cometh, watch for it's light.

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