John Ames Cook (07)

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Name: John Ames Cook(07)
Born: 18 Aug 1808 in Harwinton CT.
Edu: Did not attend college
Died: 12 Sep 1864 of and is buried in Ledgedale Pa.

Married: Harriet Shepard on 21 Oct 1832 in West Kill, NY.
Spouce born: 20 Oct 1809 in Newtown CT.
Spouse Edu: Did not attend college
Spouse died 9 Feb 1879 of and is buried in Hawley PA

(photo taken from Harriett's Find a Grave internet page)

  • Lived in Delaware county, 1817.
  • Moved to Green County NY 1831-1835,
  • Moved to Oswego County NY in 1836-45 where he was a farmer.
  • 1845-1848 he was foreman of tanneries in Sullivan's County NY.
  • Between 1849 and the time of his death, he lived in Wayne County PA where he was the managing partner in tannery and lumber business.
Harriett was the youngest daughter of Dr. Gideon and Lucinda Peck Shepard.
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Headstone for John and Harriett Cook.

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Children: 7
Name: John Darwin Shepard Cook(08)
Born: 21 Nov 1834 in Pine Hill Ulster County NY
Edu: Union College in 1859
JD in Law from Albany Law School Union University in 1861.
Married: Rosalie E. Barlow on 07 Sep 1865, Scranton PA.
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Name: George Theodore Cook(08)
Born: 9 Apr 1837 in Mexico Oswego County NY.
Married: 9 Aug 1864 Ellen Nancy Dunn in Lebanon CT.
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Name: Augusta Catherine Cook(08)
Born: 30 May 1839 in Mexico Oswego County NY.
Married: Dr. George Boardman Curtis on 29 May 1862 in Ledgedale, PA.
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Name: Helen Cook(08)
Born: 26 Apr 1843 in Mexico Oswego, NY
Married: Joseph Atkinson on 8 May 1863 in Ledgedale, PA.
Helen headstone reads Helen Cook even though she took her husband's name.
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Name: Bigelow Trumbull Cook(08)
Born: 11 June 1846 in Bushnellville, Green County NY
Married: Ida A. Pierce on 24 Sep 1879 in Muskegon MH.
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Name: Alvin Gideon Cook(08)
Born: 24 Nov 1848 in Claryville, Sullivan County, NY
Married: Eleanor Jane Cameron on 6 Dec 1847 in Kingston MO
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Name: Frances Emma Cook(08)
Born: 20 Jan 1854 in Ledgedale PA.
Died on: 28 Aug 1854 and is buried in GlenDyberry Cemetery, Honesdale Wayne County PA.
Married: Did not marry

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There are two memorials for John Ames. This one 192337455, no headstone photo attached. The second is memorial 16169569 and has a headstone photo attached for himself and his wife. Recommend keeping memorial 16169569 and deleting 192337455. Note there are also two memorials for John’s wife Harriett. One is 192337473 and includes a photo of herself. The second is memorial 192337473 and has a photo of Harriett. Recommend keeping memorial 192337473 and linking it with John Ames memorial 16169569. Delete memorial 42138344. This will establish one for John, one for Harriett linked together and have her photo on hers with the headstone photo on his. The headstone photo can also be loaded on Harriett’s memorial since it has both names on it.
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