Margret Curtis Birk (09)

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Name: Margret Curtis Birk (09)
Born: 25 Feb 1879 in Hawley PA.

Married: Dr. John William Birk on 16 Jun 1903 in Chicago Il Spouse born: 3 Mar 1873
Spouse Edu:
Spouse Died:



Name: Margret Helen Birk (Rye) (10)
Born: 26 Jul 1905
Married: Frederick Sloan Rye Aug 1927
(Fredrick was the son of ?? & Carolyn Sloan Rye)

Margret & Frederick had two children:

Margret Carolyn Rye (11), Born:

Carolyn Sloan Rye (11), Born: 6 Jan 1932

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