Augusta Cook Curtis(08)

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Name: Augusta Cook Curtis (08)
Born: 30 May 1839 in Mexico Oswego County NY
Died: 22 Mar 1915 and buried in Evanston IL.
Married: Dr. George Boardman Curtis on 29 May 1862 in Ledgedale Pa.

Spouse Born: 4 Feb 1834 in Bethany Pa.
Spouse Edu: Pennsylvania University 1859.
Spouse Died: 9 Jun 1884 and is buried in Hawley, Wayne County Pa.

Notes: Dr. George Curtis was the son of Rev Henry and Eliza Banning Curtis. Dr. Curtis practiced medicine for twenty five years or more in Wayne County until his death.
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Children 8

Name: John Henry Curtis(09)
Born: 10 Jul 1864 in Hawley PA.
Edu: New York of University of Medicine and Suggestive Therapeutics
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago Ill.
Married: Eva M. Selleck on 26 Apr 1899 in Lake Geneva Wis.
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Name: Augustus Darwin Curtis(09)
Born: 14 Oct 1865 in Hawley Pa.
Married: Marette L. Hotchkin on 15 Dec 1891
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Name: Eugene Banning Curtis(09)
Born: 9 Aug 1867 in Hawley Pa.
Married: Unmarried

Name: George Boardman Curtis(09)
Born: 14 May 1869 in Hawley Pa.
Died: In infancy, no details

Name: Helen Louise Curtis(09)
Born: 8 Nov 1871 in Hawley Pa.
Married: Robert Nelson Peck on 3 Apr 1894 in Chicago IL.
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Name: Harriett Georgia Curtis(09)
Born: 25 Mar 1874 in Hawley Pa.
Married: Harlow A. Leekley on 7 Sep 1899 in Chicago Ill.
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Name: Julia Alice Curtis(09)
Born: 17 Sep 1875 in Hawley Pa
Married: Arthur Joseph Morgan on 16 Jun 1903 in Chicago Ill.
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Name: Margret Emma Curtis(09)
Born: 25 Feb 1879 in Hawley Pa.
Married: Dr. John William Birk on 16 Jun 1903 in Chicago Ill.
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