Christine Strange Potter(12)

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Name: Christine Strange Potter(12)
Born: 16 Oct 1969 in Memphis, TN
Edu: St Frances, Louisville KY, class of 1987.
FT. Lewis College & Pacific University 1991 in Occupational Therapy.

Married: 08/11/2001 Bryan Potter in Portland Oregon.
Spouse Born: Jan 6, 1968 in Kansas City, KS
Spouse Edu: Kansas University in 1991 BA degree in Art
Spouse Died:
Details received from Christine and parents in 2018/2019.

Christy and Bryan live in Portland Oregon since 2002. Bryan has been a Graphics Designer for years at a company he and his brother, Eldon, own. He was also an Eagle Scott.

Christy is working for The Hello Foundation School as a Occupational Therapist with children with disabilities.

Name: Simon Strange Potter (13)
Born: 15 Dec 2005 in Portland, OR

Notes: Simon was NOT a name from either side of the family but was selected because his parents liked the name.

Name: Miles Strange Potter (13)
Born: 29 Jul 2008 in Portland, OR

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