Theodore Booth Strange JR.(11)

Pg 11g
Name: Theodore Booth Strange Jr.(11)
Born: 29 May 1947
Edu:Memphis State University, graduated 1970, BA in history
Married: 3/31/67 to Margaret Skelly in Del Ray Beach Florida

Spouse Born: 8/22/47 in Wilmington DE
Spouse Edu: 1965-1967 to Marymount College in Boca Raton Fl. BS in Philosophy.
Spouse died:5 Jun 2020 of lung cancer in Louisville. Interment at ??

Notes For 35 years Ted sold life, disability, and employee benefits. He sold company to Wells Fargo in 2000 and is still employed with them.
He has always been an avid golfer.

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Children: 2
Name: Theodore Booth Strange III(12)
Born: 19 Jul 1967
Notes: Ted is working for Actors Theater of Louisville KY.

Name: Christine Cook Strange(12)
Born: 16 Oct 1969
Edu: Fort Lewis in Durango College.
Occupation Therapist degree from Pacific Univ. in 1997
Married: 08/11/2001 to Bryn Potter in Portland, Oregon.
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