Josephine Hadlock King(11)

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Name: Josephine Hadlock King(11)
Born: 27 Apr 1946 in Oakridge Tenn.

Married: 18 Jul 1970 to John Edmonds King in Wilmington DE.
Devorced in 1986.
Spouse born: Aug 25, 1941
Spouse Edu:
Spouse died:

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Children 3

Name: Wyatt Canfield King(12)
Born: 11 Mar 1972 in Seattle WA
Edu: Williams College BA Music, 1995
Tufts Univ, The Fletcher School of Diplomacy, MALD, Int Relations, Energy & Env Policy, Int Business 2003-2005

Notes: Program Manager, Amazon, 1997-2001
Committee of Science & Technology, US House of Representatives
Senior Representative Assistant, Rep Gabrielle Giffords AZ-08, 2007-2010
Leglislative Assistant for Energy & Natural Resources, 2010-2011
Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) Director, 2011 to 2017(present)

Moved to Chicago IL ib 2017 working at GCE Lab School as head master.


Name: Cabell Hopkins King(12)
Born: 2 Feb 1975 in Seattle WA
Edu: BA at Dartmouth College 1997 Geography graduated Cum Laude
Masters degree at Univ of Chicago Divinity School enrolled in PHD 2002-2012.
Passed doctoral exams in 2006. Dissertation unfinished, topic Wolfhart Pannenberg & Henri Lefebvre on Geography & theological anthropology.
Married: Maureen Veronica O'Brien (Reenie) 22 June 2013 in Chicago IL
Born: 8 April 1982 in Chicago IL.
EDU: BA DePaul University 20??
MA in ED DePaul University 20??
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Name: Carrington Wadsworth King(12)
Born: 27 Feb 1978 in Seattle WA
Married: Garrett Michael Cunnington on 13 Aug 2000 in Seattle WA

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(Children's information received from Josephine and the children in 2018/2019)

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