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Name: Josephine Cook Hadlock(10)
Born: 19 Oct 1912 in San Antonio, TX
Edu: BA in English from Vassar College
Died: 13 Feb 2004 from Dementia and buried at Saint Anne's Cemetery in Middletown DE
Married: 3 Sep 1937 to Canfield Hadlock in Wilmington DE by Bishop Cook.
Spouse born: 01 Nov 1904 in NY City
Spouse edu: BS Chemical Engineering from Dartmouth
MS & PHD Chemical Engineering from MIT, Boston, MA
Spouse Died: 11 Feb 1993 buried in St Anne's Cemetery in Middletown, DE.
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Jo taught English for many years at different schools and tutored children privately. She was an avid reader all her life.

She had an interesting childhood as the eldest of 7 children. This was a position that she enjoyed and had it's privileges. She once told a story about when she was 17, one evening after she returned home from a date she met her father. He made a comment about the condition of her clothes were disheveled. She responded saying, "would you prefer if they looked like they were on a hanger all night?" The Bishop retired to bed without saying another word.

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Jo's life with Canfield was unique. After they were married, Canfield made sure to clean his plate each night at dinner. Jo kept increasing the size of his servings as a result. It came to the point that he could no longer finish the food on his plate and explained to her that that was what his mother had taught him as respect to the cook. Jo's reply was that her mother had taught her to always make enough for leftovers.

Jo knew the proper ways of society and also had a keen ability to react accordingly. Once during a formal dinner party finger bowels were served after a meal. One guest had never seen them and since he saw the lemon floating in the water, commenced to pick up his spoon and sip the water as if it were soup. The other guests were astounded but the hostess noticed the commotion and immediately picked up her spoon and began to consume the water in the same manner. The hostess was Josephine.

Below is a shadow box of Canfield's accomplishments in the army.
Canfield had grown up in Europe and was fluent in 3 languages, French, German and English. During War II, he enlist in the Army but when they saw his MIT degree in chemical engineering, he was sent home with instructions that he would be contacted. He didn't like this and thought he was seen as being unpatriotic. After he returned home, he was contacted and instructed to take a train to New York City. There he met a man who drove him to New Jersey in the country with no one around. It was there he was told he had been selected to work on the Manhattan Project to built the first atomic bomb. Only a handful of scientist met the requirements since it was top secret work.

When Canfield began this work, he realized he didn't have a background in Physics. He purchased a Physics book and began to study it on his own. When he wasn't using the book he'd put it under some clothes in a bureau drawer thinking it was a security issue. Jo kept finding the book, took it out of the drawer and put it on top of the bureau. This continued for some time until he completed studying the book. He never explained to her why he kept it hidden. On the day that first bomb was to be dropped on Japan, Canfield called some of his relatives and told them to turn on their radios. His brother-in-law, Philip, was surprised when he listened and it was only then he learned what Canfield had done during the war.Later, Canfield received an assignment to travel oversea's and determine how close the Germans were to creating their own bomb. He received a letter of commendation from the State Department for this assignment.
Josephine told these stories to Clif Cook in the 1980s.
They are basically campaign ribbons for the German occupation, the Army in Europe, and the North Atlantic Theater of Operations.

After the war, Canfield worked for the Dupont Company in their synthetic products and fabrics divisions.

Canfield and Jo lived in a old farm house in Chadds Ford Pa. It was built in the 1700's. It had 5 levels in the basement which were used as a root cellar as well as the well for the house. The house was also used during the Civil War with the Underground Railroad.

Jo and Canfield enjoyed traveling all over the world including India and Russia. While in Russia, Jo purchased an item and she received a small doll back as change because it was illegal for her to receive Russian currency. Several years later, she gave the doll to a nephew and it is put on the Christmas tree each year as an orniment.

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Children: 4

Name: Daniel Canfield Hadlack(11)
Born: 05 Jun 1941 in Wilmington DE.
  • BS Degree from Dartmouth
  • MS from Penn Univ.
  • PHD:
Married: 7 Feb 1970 to Lynn Graham in Baltimore, MD
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Name: Harriett Hadlock,(11)
Born: 28 Aug 1943 in New York, City
Edu: Vassar BS English Literature, 1965.
Married: 20 Jun 1970 to Reverend Spencer Morgan Rice in Wilmington, DE.
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Name: Josephine Cook Hadlock(11)
Born: 27 Apr 1946 in Oakridge Tenn.
Married: 18 Jul 1970 to John Edmonds King in Wilmington DE.
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Name: Nancy Hadlock(11)
Born: 09 Dec 1947 in Charlottesville VA.
Married: 1st: 1874 to Monour Emami
Married: 2nd: 14 Jun 1978 to Joseph Norman Boyle, in Northfield VT
MarriedL 3rd: 31 Aug 1990 to Stephen Robert Rusk in
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