Nancy Hadlock Rusk(11)

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Name: Nancy Hadlock Rusk(11)
Born: 09 Dec 1947 in Charlottesville VA.
Married: Monsour Emami 1974
Spouse born:
Spouse Edu:

2nd Marriage 14 Jun 1978 to Joseph Norman Boyle in Northfield VT.
Spouse born:
Spouse Edu:
Date Divorced:

3rd Marriage: 31 Aug 1990 to Stephen Robert Rusk in ??(Current photo)
Spouse born:
Spouse Edu:
Spouse Died:
(From page 99-b-25 ABC Pdgre and Nancy Rusk)

Notes: Nancy was a probation officer, retired 26 March 2004 after 34 1/2 years in the field. She retired as Deputy Chief Probation Officer of San Diego County.

No children from any of the marriages.

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