Alexander Ramsay Strange (12)

Pg 12k
Name: Alexander Ramsay Strange (12) goes by "Zander"
Born: 23 Oct 1984 in Charlottesville VA
Edu: University of Virginia 2007 and majored in History with a minor in Economics.

Married:9 May 2015 to Heather Nicole Dragon
Spouse Born:20 Oct 1981
Spouse Edu:
Spouse Died:

Details received from Alexander and his parents in 2018/2019.

Notes:Zander is a financial analyst. He is working in San Francisco CA for a pharmaceutical research company

Children 2
Name:Harper Dragon Strange (13)
Born: 5 Dec 2016 in San Francisco CA

Name: Maxwell George Ramsay Strange
Born: 10 Feb 2020 in San Francisco CA

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