Philip Cook Strange(11)

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Name: Philip Cook Strange(11)
Born: 09 Nov 1944
Edu: BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, 1970.
1st marriage: Deborah Ann Chandler in 1969.
Spouse Born: 27 June 1946 in Townsend MD. They were married for 6 months.
Spouse Edu:
Spouse died:

Second marriage:
Married: Mary Merrill Parrish on in Charlottesville, Va., 06 May 1972
Spouse Born: 09 Mar 1949 in Charlottesville, VA.
Spouse Edu: Corcoran School of Art (Certificate of Fine Art)
Spouse died:

Philip runs a real estate investment company in VA and Merrill is a professional artist specializing in ceramics.

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Children 3
One child with Deborah Ann Strange.
Name: Jennifer East Strange(12)
Born: 26 Mar 1968 in Denver CO
Edu: Fort Lewis College, Durango CO, BA in Business Administration graduated in 1991.
Married Patrick Blaine Potter on 13 Jul 2913 in Larimer County CO.
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Two children with Merrill:

Name: Phyllis Cook Strange(12) (Nick name: Lily)
Born: 06 Dec 1982 in Charlottesville,VA.
Edu: James Madison University 2006 and majored in Anthropology
Masters at James Madison University in Special Education
Married: Jonathan Ritchie, May 27, 2017
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Name: Alexander Ramsay Strange(12) nickname "Zander"
Born: 23 Oct 1984 in Charlottesville ,VA.
Edu: University of Virginia 2007 and majored in History with a minor in Economics.
Married: Heather Nicole Dragon on 9 May 2015
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