Edwin Bruton Strange V (12)

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Name: Edwin Bruton Strange V (12)
Born: 30 Oct 1971 in Bluefield West Virginia
Edu: BS deg from Univ of Vermont in Plant Ecology in 1995.
MS in Plant Breeding from North Carolina State University in 2000.

Married: 01 August 1998 to Kristen Busch in Milford Ct.
Spouse Name: Kristen Michelle Busch
Spouse Born: 5 Jun 1972 in Potsville Pa.
Spouse Edu:BS Deg from Boston University in 1995
Spouse Died:

Details received from discussions with Bruton and Kristen in 2010.

Notes: The family moved from South Portland ME to Western Massachusetts. Bruton continued to make cabinets with a manufacturer.

Children 2
Name: Margaret Cook Strange (13) (Goes by Morgon Strange, nickname as of 2020)
Born: 5 Mar 2002 in Potland, ME
Edu: Boston University, The Willisoton Northampton School (Prep School) class of 2020
(Margrets photo taken Christmas 2003, Bruton and Margret photo taken in 2010.)
Name: Edwin Bruton Strange VI (13)
Born: 22 Apr 2004 in Potland, ME

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