Elizabeth Chandler Strange (12)

pg 12h
Name: Elizabeth Chandler Strange (12) (Kept her maiden name)
Born: 21 Nov 1979 in Annapolis MD
Edu: Pratt Institute in 2004 studying Photography
Fordham Univ in NY City, studying Art History with a minor in Theology

Married: 26 Dec 2013 to Patrick Lee Goddard in Durango CO.
Spouse Born: 23 Aug 1968 in Denver CO
Spouse Edu: Univ of Colorado in Boulder
Graduate school in Alaska for fisheries
Veterinarian at Univ of Wisconsin
Spouse Died:

They live on a trout farm in Durango CO.
Pat is the vet at the local Humane Sociery


Name: Henry Fisher Goddard(13)
Born: 6 June 2014 in Durango CO

Name: Ella Lee Wynter Goddard(13)
Born: 28 Jan 2017 ub Durango CO

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