Edwin Bruton Strange IV (11)

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Name: Edwin Bruton Strange IV (11)
Born: 16 Sep 1942
Married: 17 Aug 1968 to Cynthia Chandler in Nashville TN
Died: 21 Oct 1987 of kidney cancer and is buried originally in St Anne's Middletown DE, relocated to St Pauls Kent Courtyard, Chestertown MD where his father is buried.

Spouse born:
Spouse Edu:
Spouse died:

Cynthia remarried Richard Lamen in 1999 and resides in North Carolina.

From page 99-b-26 ABC Pdgre and discussions with Adeline Bassett Cook Strange and Bruton's children.

Notes: Bruton tried several professions before becoming a minister. He married all of his brothers.

He joined a group of sailors who purchased the American Eagle which was a 12 meter sail boat that competed in the 1964 American's Cup race. Ted Strange, his brother, provided the following:

The American eagle was purchased by a group of individuals with the thought of chartering it out during the summers. They brought it to Annapolis MD. It was a syndicate of approximately eight men and Ted did go out on it one summer day with a group of friends. It was extraordinarily fast and very uncomfortable. They did take it to Newport during the Americas cup races. There were several other 12 m boats there and they didn't do well economically. I don't think he kept it for more than two or three years.

(From page discussions with Adeline Bassett Cook Strange and Ted Strange, Bruton's brother.)

Link to Ted Strange Photos thru the years, pg 10b-L6

Bruton's Obituary and headstone:

Children: 2
Name: Edwin Bruton Strange V (12)
Born: 30 Oct 1971 in Bluefield West Virginia
Edu: BS deg from Univ of Vermont in Plant Ecology in 1995.
MS in Plant Breeding from North Carolina State Universty in 2000.
Married: August 1, 1998 to Kristen Busch in Milford Ct.
Link to Edwin Bruton Strange(12), pg 12g

Name: Elizabeth Chandler Strange(12)
Born: 21 Nov 1979 in Annapolis MD
Edu: Deg from-Pratt Institute in 2003 in Art History.
Married: 26 Dec 2013 to Patrick Lee Goddard in Durango CO
Notes: Chandler kept her maiden name. As of 2019, works in New York City.
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Children's information from 99-b-26 ABC Pdgre and discussions with the children years later.

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