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Name: George Trumbull Cook
Born: 14 Oct 1872 in Kansas City MO.
Died:12 Dec 1945 in Monterey CA of Colitis and is buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles CA (see obituary)

Married: Ethlyn Hannah Bugbee on 16 Sep 1896 in Kansas City MO.
Spouse Born: 19 Aug 1873 in Sterling Kansas.
Spouse Edu:
Spouse died:1962 buried at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery Los Angeles CA

Ethlyn was the daughter of Thomas S. Bugbee who was a cattleman in Clarendon TX.
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George and Ethel lived in Kansas City Mo and had no children. They enjoyed many activities like fishing.

George was an executive/founder/president of a company named Kansas City Nuts and Bolts. He made quite a bit of of money which later became Gustin-Bacon and manufactured air conditioning ducts. It went out of business in 1950-1960.

During World War I, George, who was tone-deaf and culturally ignorant but he went to a concert of a famous singer, someone like Caruso, where he bid big dollars for the singer to sing something for him of his choosing. All of the money went to buying Liberty Bonds, which were like World War Bonds during WWII. For this patriotic purpose, he had to carry a large amount of cash and on his return home, the Kansas City Kid nabbed him for the cash. This was around 1917 or 1918. Gorge reported the event to the police and afterwards Ethel was threatened and shot at from his reporting to the Police. They decided to moved to Pebble Beach California where they had a house built on the 17 Mile Drive, near Monterey.

Before moving, George and Ethel took a trip to Italy to purchase furnishings for their new home. Upon return, they discovered a movie was being filmed at their house. The myth is that the lead actor was Rudolf Valentino. George never heard of Valentino. The name of the movie was "Passions Weekend" but no record of it can be found today.

The front of the house had a beautiful patio with an espaliered pear tree on one wall. It looked out on the Pacific Ocean across a fairway of the Pebble Beach Golf Course. The house is now part of the Gulf Course. Charlie Chaplin and Greta Garbo were their neighbors. Chaplin was a frequent visitor to their patio and liked to come and meditate. George invited him in, but Chaplin
declined as he was sure that the house couldn't meet the image he had of what it should be with that patio.

In the 20's and 30's, during Prohibition, Greta Garbo, who was famous for her reclusiveness and refusal to talk to others but would drop by in the late afternoon and George would give her a drink. He had connections with the American Distillers Corp and could get bourbon despite prohibition. Greta Garbo's visits became such a daily nuisance that George and guests would hide their drinks when she showed up. Presumably, he was the only person who ever snubbed Garbo, as Adeline Strange(10) described it.

George also belonged to Coconut Grove club which was a very elite club that John Wayne, Charlton Heston and Henry Kissinger plus the CEO of companies like General Motors belong to. The club met in a very elegant setting somewhere in California. One night George went to turn down his sheet to retire and found Charlie McCarthy in his bed. George had never heard of Charlie McCarthy, who at the time was one of the most famous personalities on pre-TV radio. George told this wooden mannikin to get the hell out of his bed. In fact, Charlie's voice and manipulator, Edgar Bergen, was under the bed, and to the great delight of several onlookers, Uncle George and Charlie engaged in a vigorous and very profane exchange.

(Details of theses stories were from discussions with Adeline Strange(10) and John S. Cook(10)in the 1980s.)

Photo below was taken in 1953 of Ethel at their home in Los Angles.

George T. Cook Obit and information where he and his wife are buried.

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