The Right Reverend Philip Cook(09)

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Name: Right Rev Philip Cook(09)
Born:04 Jul 1875, Kansas City MO.
BA, Trinity College in 1898
DD, Trinity College DD, St. John's College, Annapolis MD.
STD General Theological Seminary, NY 1902.
Died: 25 Mar 1938 of Brain Tumor and is buried at St Anne's Cemetery in Middletown DE.
Married: Anita Lavin in 1904 in New York.
Spouse born:
Spouse Edu:
Spouse died: 1906 while in labor, child also died.
Children: 1
2nd Marriage
Married: Adeline Hallett Bassett on 5 Oct 1911 in New York, NY.
Spouse born: 20 May 1881, in New York
Spouse Edu: Did not attend college.
Spouse died: 27 Jan 1973 of old age. Buried at St Anne's Cemetery in Middletown DE.
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(Harriet took the photo)

Notes: Philip was supposed to be named Theodore. At his Baptism, his God mother, who was also his 11 year old sister, didn't like this name and named him Philip. He did use "Ted" as a nick name with friends. He also had no middle name.

There were two very important influences on Philips life which led him to a path in Christian ministry. His father, John Darwin Shepard Cook's relationship with Grace Church, in Kansas City, was something Philip grew up knowing. JDSC’s gave a gift to Grace Church in 1897, a book, The Memorial Record Book, was one approach his father took to provide the church a means to document properly the gifts the church received. This was given on All Saints Day (November 1, 1897). It was deep religious convictions he had. When coupled with the gift itself and his many good works in the parish, his father was a man of great faith and dedication to God and to Christ that he gave to his son.

Link to John Darwin Shepard Cook Letter to Philip Cook pg 08a L9
The second influence was the Reverend Cameron Mann, rector of Grace Church from 1881 through 1901. JDSC and REBC joined Grace Church and were confirmed in 1879, when Philip was only four years old. The loss of Philip's mother in March of 1887, almost four months before his twelfth birthday, had a profound effect on him and he would have seen the power of religious conviction reflected in the attitude and faith of his father and the grief counseling provided by Reverend Mann.

The fact that Bishop Mann returned from Fargo, North Dakota in 1902 for Philip's ordination to the priesthood demonstrated their closeness. Travel in North Dakota at that time was very difficult during the winters. Thus, Cameron Mann must have really wanted to be present for Philip's ordination. In addition, the fact that Philip came to do missionary work with Bishop Mann in North Dakota later also showed this influence.

Philip was ordained deacon in 1902. He worked in the missionary at Minot Towner, Rugby and Williston N.D. from 1902 to 1904. In 1904, he became curator at the Chapel of Incarnation in New York City and after 3 years became Vicar. He was rector of St Mark's Church in 1911 in San Antonio TX and ordained Priest in 1912. He was the minister at Saint Mark's Church and received a Ewer as a gift from them in 1916 for his dedicated service.

(From "The Glorious Masterworks of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City MI 2017 by Randal J. Loy)

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In addition, while in San Antonio he joined the local Rotary club.
The following link are excerpts from the San Antonio Rotary records about Philip's activities.
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In 1916 he went to St Michael and All Angels in Baltimore MD. Afterwards, he joined the YMCA and supported their activities during WWI, in Europe. On the passage over, he was on a steamer named the "Oronsa" which was hit by a Torpedo and sunk. He wrote two letters describing this crossing and experience. He survived this action and once in Europe wrote many letters back to Adeline.
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Philip was elected Bishop of Delaware in May 1920 and was consecrated on 14 Oct 1920. in 1937, he later became president of the National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
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Philip, Adeline and their four daughters resided at Bishopstead in Wilmington DE. The three boys were born in Wilmington.
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Adeline plus their Bishopstead residence pg 09d L7

The family spent summers at a camp in Digby Nova Scotia. Years later, some of the children visited the camp but there were few remains. The current Digby Ferry terminal is located where the camp was located.
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One grace Philip passed down to family members and their children. It goes as follows:

For these and all thy blessings,
give us grateful hearts.
Provide for others needs
and save us all for Christ sake.

In 1933 the family took a trip to Europe. Harriett created a photo album of this trip.
Link to Harriett's Photo Album from the family trip to Europe in 1933, pg 09d L9
Link to Philip & Adeline's Passport, pg 09d L10
Philip was dedicated to improving the education for children and young adults in the church. He worked with Felix Dupont and together they created Saint Andrew's School in Middletown DE. Philip was head of the first board of trustees. His son, John Samuel Cook (10) and grandson Darwin Shepard Cook (11) attended Saint Andrew's. John was on the Board of Trustees years later. After Philip's death, some of his possessions were given to Saint Andrew's, including his cross and ring.
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In Aug 1934 Philip fractured his skull in a car accident. Harriett died in this accident. In Jan 1938, he underwent an operation to have a brain tumor removed. Following the operation, he went into a coma and died two months later. His wife, Adeline, continued to live in Wilmington until her death in 1973.

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Link to Philip Cook Eulogy at Emmanuel Church 27 Mar 1938 and
National Council Minutes April 26-28th 1938, pg 09d L13

Summary of Right Reverent Philip Cook's life.

(From pages 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre, 99-b-21 ABC Pdgre & 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre
plus Adeline Strange's personnel family files)

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Name: Josephine Cook(10)(no middle name)
Born: 19 Oct 1912 in San Antonio TX.
Edu: BA, from Vassar College.
Married: Canfield Hadlock on 03 Sep 1937 in Wilmington DE.
(From pages: 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre, 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre and 99-b-25 ABC Pdgre)
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Name: Harriett Cook(10) (no middle name)
Born: 02 Aug 1915, in San Antonio TX.
Died: 02 Aug 1934 in a car accident in Trenton NJ and is buried in St Anne's Cemetery in Middletown DE Her sister Josephine was driving the car and the Bishop was also in the car. He was hurt but survived.
Married: Harriett did not marry.
(From pages: 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre and 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre)

Name: Adeline Bassett Cook(10)
Born: 14 Oct 1917 in Baltimore MD.
Edu: Did not attend college but graduated from the National Cathedral School in Washington in 1938.
Married: Dr. Theodore Booth Strange (MD)

(From pages: 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre, 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre and 99-b-26 ABC Pdgre)
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Name: Phyllis Cook(10) (No middle name)
Born: 25 Jan 1920
Edu: Pennsylvania Academy of Art
Died: 11 Feb 1956 from: Pulmonary Hypertension and buried at St Anne's Cemetery in Middletown DE
Notes: Phyllis was engaged to be married when she died.
Married: Did not marry.

Note: When Adeline Bassett Cook (09) sent away for clothes from Best and Company in New York, the package came addressed to Mrs. Phyllis Cook. Adeline thought this was a good name and decided to name her daughter Phyllis. This is how the Phyllis name came into the family.

Phyllis Cook's Obituary and headstone.
(From pages: 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre and 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre)

Name: George Trumbull Cook II(10):
Born: 11 May 1922 in Bishopstead in Wilmington DE.
Edu: BS in engineering from Princeton in 1943.
Married: Anne Frances Haon on 3 May 1952.
(From pages: 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre, 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre and 99-b-27 ABC Pdgre)
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Name: Philip Cook Jr.(10)
Born: 16 Oct 1923 in Bishopstead in Wilmington DE.
Edu: 1 yr Trinity (pre WWII)
3 yrs Univ of Penn (post WWII)
Married: Ruth Roubaud Gillespie on 11 Apr 1952 in Pittsburgh Pa.(Went by Patricia.)
(From pages: 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre, 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre and 99-b-27 ABC Pdgre)
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Name: John Samuel Cook(10)
Born: 07 Sep 1927 at Bishopstead in Wilmington DE.
Edu: BS in Biology at Princeton 1950
  • MA in Biology in 1952
  • PHD in Biology at Princeton in 1955.
    Married: Dr. Dorothy May Skinner from Newton MA on 24 Jul 1965 in New York City.
    (From pages: 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre and 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre)
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    Note of interest: In July 1936 the family took a trip overseas. They sailed over and toured London, Belgium, Switzerland, Munich and Hamburg. When in Germany they stayed at a hotel where the three boys amused themselves by dropping water ballons from their window on German solders in the street below. One of the boys figured out that the point on the helmets made a great method to pop the ballons. The owners of the hotel were frantic by this. Thirty -forty years later, John returned to the same hotel and they remembered him and his brothers vividly.
    See Harriett's photo album link above from this trip.

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