Philip Geoffrey Cook(11)

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Name: Philip Geoffrey Cook
Born: 20 Mar 1958 in Wilmington DE
Edu:BA in Communication from Bethany College,1981
Married: 12 Nov 1988 to Mary Joseph Hurst in Lock Haven PA.
Spouse born: 10 Oct 1957 in Lock Haven PA
Spouse Edu: BS in Biology from Lock Haven University in 1984
Spouse died:
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Notes: A true salesman like his father. He met Mary Joe when they each worked for Liggett. Lived in Fredrick MD where Ian was born, moved to New Hampshire in 1993 where Maddie was born and relocated to Dayton OH in 2002. Both enjoy skiing and other winter sports. Geoffrey has always been the social organizer of his two brothers.

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Children: 2
Name: Ian Philip Cook (12)
Born: 08 Jul 1992 in Baltimore MD.

Name: Madeline Roubaud (12)
Born: 05 Jun 1996 in Manchester NH

Info on children provided by Geoff Cook in 2010.

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