Alvin Gideon Cook(08)

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Name: Alvin Gideon Cook
Born: 24 Nov 1848 in Claryville, Sullivan County NY
Died: 14 Sep 1873 in Kingston MO.
Married: 6 Dec 1869 to Eleanor Jane Cameron in Columbia County Ohio.
Spouse born: 19 Jan 1847 in New Lisbon Columbia County OH.
Spouse Died:
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Children: 2

Name: Helen Augusta Cook (Duer)(09)
Born: 23 Oct 1870 in Kingston MO
Died: 1925/26 at Piqua, OH
Married: Walter Duer on 5 Sep 1893 in Piqua OH.
Spouse born: 3 Sep 1869 in Fletcher Miami CO, OH
Spouse died:
  • Children of Helen: 1
    Elsie La Von Duer (Paschall) (10)
    Born: 14 Oct 1895 in Troy OH
    Married: A. L. Paschall
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Name: Alvin Cook(09)
Born: 14 Apr 1873 in
Died: 29 Jul 1875
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