John Samuel Cook(10)

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Name: John Samuel Cook(10)
Born: 07 Sep 1927 at Bishopstead, Wilmington DE.
Edu: BS in Biology from Princeton, 1948.
MA: in Biology from Princeton, 1950.
PHD: in Biology from Princeton, 1955.
Died: 20 January 2011 of heart failure. He's buried at St Annes Cemetery in Middletown DE.
Married: 24 July 1965 to Dorothy May Skinner in New York City.
Spouse born: 22 May 1930 in Netwon, MA.
Spouse Edu:BA Jackson College (Tufts University),(Magna Cum Laude) in 1952.
MA, PHD in Biology from Harvard, 1959.
Spouse died: 12 February 2005 of from complications of Parkinson;s disease. She was buried at sea off the coast of Falmouth as well as included with John at Saint Anne's Cemetery in Middletown DE
(From pages: 99-b-15 and ABC Pdgre, 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre)

Children: none

John had two birth certificates. The first was issued when he was born and the second was used when the family applied for their passport in 1936 for their trip to Europe. The boys were under their parent's passport for that trip. The girls had their own.

Notes: John's professional career involved biological research at a laboratory in Oak Ridge Tenn. Dorothy was recognized in her field for her research.
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Dorothy wished to be buried at sea due to her life's research of crabs and other sea life. John honored these wishes however it was recommended to him to save some of her ashes and include them with his when he was interned at St Anne's in Middletown DE. For this reason they are both shown on John's headstone. Dorothy's family agreed with this decision.

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