Adeline Bassett Cook Strange(10)

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Name: Adeline Bassett Cook Strange(10)
Born: 14 Oct 1917
Edu: Did not attend college.
Died on:14 Aug 2004 of a pulmonary embolism. She is buried at St Anne's Cemetery, Middletown DE.
Married: Theodore Booth Strange M.D. on 14 Jun 1940 in Wilmington DE

Spouse Born: 09 Dec 1914
Spouse Edu: University of Virginia from 1932-1940, Medicine,
Spouse Died: 15 Dec 2015 in Chestertown MD.

(From pages: 99-b-15 ABC Pdgre, 99-b-23 ABC Pdgre and 99-b-26 ABC Pdgre)

Notes: Adeline attended the National Cathedral School in Washington. She had quite an imagination and was known by "Cookie" to everyone in Wilmington where she lived all her life.

In the 1950's as a result of one of her sons needing a special school, she started one for him and other children in the basement of their church. Today this school is called The Pilot School and continues to provide opportunities for children needing these services.

Everyone in the family looked forward to visiting Cookie for Thanksgivings at her home. It was always unique and lively. At dinner she would put your name tags where you were to sit and it included what your job was during the meal. Philip Strange once checked Adeline's name tag and her job said to keep things moving.

At Christmas you never knew what you would receive from her. She put footsteps all around the house with each person's name on theirs to follow when you visited and when you entered the front door, you had to follow your steps to find your present at the end of the path.

She loved to tell stories about her travels or other family and friends experiences. Everyone enjoyed these stories and while she may have embellished sometimes, she often stated, "don't spoil a good story with the facts."

Adeline was also quite proud of her initial's "ABC". Even after she divorced Dr. Strange in the 1970's and she kept these initials.

She wrote a paper researching the history of the Cook Family back to the first generation and became the core of this WEB site.

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5 Children

Name: Edwin Bruton Strange IV (11)
Born: 16 Sep 1942
Married: Cynthia Chandler
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Name: Philip Cook Strange(11)
Born: 09 Nov 1944
Married: Mary Merrill Parrish
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Name: Theodore Booth Strange JR.(11)
Born: 29 May 1947
Married: Margret Skelly
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The 5 Strange Boys and their wives. Taken in the early 1980's.
............Caroline..............Merrill......... ........
..............John..Phoebe..Peter..Cynthia ................
...Margie....Phillip....................Bruton. ....Teddy....

Name: Peter Shepard Strange(11)
Born: 08 Jul 1950 in Wilmington DE
Edu: Did not attend College.
Married: Phoebe duPont Craven
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Name: John Bassett Strange(11)
Born: 03 Apr 1953 in Wilmington DE
Married: Caroline Claire Hughes on
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(Children's info taken from 99-b-27 ABC Pdgre)

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Eleventh Generation of Strange's in 2000. (L-R) Philip, Ted, Peter, John

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