Peter Shepard Strange(11)

Pg 11h
Name: Peter Shepard Strange(11)
Born: 08 Jul 1950 in Wilmington DE
Edu: Did not attend college
Died: 29 Mar 2017 of brain cancer in Wilmington DE. Is burried at St Anne's cemetery Middletown DE.
Married: 17 May 1975 to Phoebe duPont Craven in Wilmington DE (Devorced in the 1980s)
Spouse Born: 09 Mar 1948 in Wilmington DE
Spouse Edu:
Spouse Died:
Second Marriage:
Name: Betsy Ann Strange (maiden name Kennedy? to confirm)
Spouse born:
Spouse Edu:
Souse died:
No Children from second marriage.
(From page 99-b-26 ABC Pdgre and discussions with various family members in 2018-2019)
Link to Ted Strange, Pete's father, Photos thru the years, pg 10b-L6

Peter was a carpenter. He grew up and lived in Wilmington with Phoebe and later moved to the Deleware Bay area. He made furniture and cabinets.
Link to Peter Shepard Strange(11) Obituary, pg 11h L1

Children: 3 (with Phoebe)
Name: Lauren duPont Craven Strange(12)
Born: 16 Nov 1977 in Wilmington DE
Married: Kevin Erkenbrecher on 8Mar2006 in Maui HI

Link to Lauren Strange Erkenbrecher (12), pg 12m

Name: Peter Darwin Strange (12)
Born: 21 Feb 1980 in Wilmington DE.
Edu: Did not attend college
Married: Has not married

Name: David Craven Strange(12)
Born: 21 Apr 1983 in Wilmington DE
Married: 4 Oct 2015 to Sara Noami Kay Grimsguard in Cape Cod MA

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(Children's information from discussions with the children in 2018-2019)

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